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Better Stay at Home
Mar 20, 2017 | Women rights | Prerana Jakate
Better Stay at Home

“No you are not going for this party” “Better stay at home”,” Partying, Roaming are not girl’s things didn't you get that”, her father furious. “but dad all of my friends are there” she stated .  “So? Let them go!! You won't go once for all” he reprimanded. How she wished she could be boy to roam freely in the wilderness, under the canopy, seeking the beauty of the dawn and to witness the first rain, to have a party time with buddies, to go adventures, to not worry about the attire one has worn, to just be oneself and let the inner peace seek refuge after all the traumatic week.

There are questions pondering in her mind. Is the society so judgemental or gender bias when it comes to hanging out? Or is it set rules of conduct made by the society that restricts every other girl to live her life. Why is a girl being galloped with tons of responsibilities and not allowed to express her life as the way she wants? Though we, as Indians proudly say that the time has come when men and women have now walked together in all paths of success then why is she, in some parts of India not allowed to work after her marriage??? Does she work for money?? No … but to raise her moral self-esteem.. If the society say she is today’s women then why is being lagged the basic things.. Why is she living the life of the deprived?? She too has a right to live, enjoy, have fun with friends, to go, breathe and have some serene moments in her life!! Why partying can only be claimed to having two shots down?? It could also mean some cosy time with your loved ones to distract from the everyday messy life. She wants to talk, merely under her pallu (the ends of a saree) that she too desires to fly high like a firefly, to have memories that she could reminisce. But alas, she only reminisces the kitchen and her messed up life greatly regretting being born a girl...Yes she is a girl tied down by society.


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