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Mess and boon in a youth's life
Dec 24, 2017 | Lifestyle | Sakshi Pandit
Mess and boon in a youth's life

The most common problem faced by youth is being accepted by others in the society. Most of us are either compared and judged by our looks, manner of communicating, customs, caste etc. which often leads to groupies and all this causes depression, peer pressure among those who find a way to fit in the society of the new breeds.

The generation today is all about finding short cuts than working hard on every aspect of life and this makes us more eager to the changes taking place rapidly.

We often mix our thinking and schedules based on what the society will think which makes us self-obsessed. Well this is the stage where we want to experience and do everything we wish, but at times we fall in the pray of crime. One challenging part is when we are financially unstable and we misinterpret our responsibilities.

Perhaps, even after all the stress our generation has developed with being more communicative and showing unity for any cause. The participation is equally strong which makes us stand out. We must realize not to waste the precious time that we all have and utilize it appropriately and progress ourselves each day in a positive manner.


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