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Be you...
Mar 20, 2017 | Women rights | Mugdha dharmadhikari
Be you...

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you were full of confidence? Didn’t feel ashamed or conscious of something? You were proud of yourself, for being who ‘you’ are and didn’t even think for one second what the ‘world’ would think about you?

Want to know the truth? It’s almost NEVER! And it’s not your fault that you feel so due to societal pressure; of friends, colleagues, relatives, your boss or whosoever it may be, you tend to wear the ‘mask’ of self confidence, you agree to what others agree to and become the most happy-go-lucky person in the eyes of others because hey! You have to live in this very society where what others think is what you should think without having your own personal opinions, thoughts or even personality and that’s absolutely fine to do so because it’s the human nature to have the need to be socially accepted among your peers.

So basically you pretend that you don’t care but in reality, deep within, you care about others but yourself. Now the serious question arises here, why? Why would you let a third person decide what personality you should have just so that ‘they’ can feel good when seeing you? Why should you lose your very own individuality for the sake of others who themselves have lost their own individualities for someone else? And why would you compromise your uniqueness for a society which itself is not unique, that blindly follows rules & regulations like a sheep herd created by a bunch of people as per their common mentality? All this for what? For acceptance?

Ladies out there, just stop for a while and ask these questions to yourself. No matter who you are, what your age is, what you look like, what skin color you have, how tall or short you are, how much educated you are, what your age is... Creativity has nothing to do with one’s appearance or age or caste etc., this is just in your mind, messing with you. All these are just facts & figures generated by the society to give you a ‘guidance of living’ in the world but the society didn’t give you the permission to take birth then why should you live according to their will? You came into this world to accomplish an important task that only YOU can complete. You ladies can create a new human being within a year; the most miraculous thing in the world, can tolerate the tremendous pain of child birth. In fact you go through the painful process of menstruation cycle since you enter your teens, can manage the house, family and now work with equal enthusiasm then what is there you can’t do?

The first thing you need to do is to love yourself more than anything else in this world. Accept yourself for who you are. Stop being conscious about your looks or body. So what you have dark skin tone, have a bulging tummy, have dark underarms, have a hairy body, thin hair, doesn’t have a toned body and what not? Remember, nobody is perfect but you are perfect in your own way. If you do the things that help you boost up your self-esteem, it is one of the ways but when you start loving and accepting yourself along with your imperfections then there’s nothing in the world that can make you feel more self-confident and most importantly happy as it boosts your self-esteem for life.

Start wearing what you feel like, eat what you want to, do what interests you the most, speak your mind (if you are an extrovert so be one), talk, open up for new challenges, don’t confine yourself within limited boundaries set by the people since ages, travel a lot, meet new people, make friends, live, laugh, love, stop the negative thoughts and judgments enter your mind that beholds you to try something new. Don’t think about the ‘people’ what they will think about you because it is none of your business nor does that it matter. Don’t let anyone manipulate you to bring change in yourself (in any manner) because being you is the only identity that makes you unique from everyone else. If you will to wear short clothes, don’t adjust; feel guilty or conscious if wearing it makes you feel comfortable then why to compromise your comfort for making it look comfortable for others’ eyes.

Create your own fashion trends, be independent, get a tattoo, learn something new, keep experimenting with your job, your relations, with yourself and with life, do what you love, get married whenever you want to, find love in everything & anything with the ultimate aim of being happy and don’t stop. Live each day as your last day because you live only once so make the most out of your life. The moment you stop living for yourself is the moment you end your life. The best mantra for enjoying your life is to never leave someone or something that makes you happy.

Just let loose and explore another world that is waiting for you and welcoming you with its open arms. What are you waiting for? Embrace yourself and step into this new world where you can think, speak and act according to you, for you.

Always keep in mind, you can’t fill the spaces of other people but they also can’t fill your space too; there might be people better than you or not so good than you but they aren’t going to be you. So live your life to the fullest and love yourself. Be you.


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