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Dec 10, 2017 | Lifestyle | Sakshi Pandit
Todya's World

India got freedom from Britishers
But in today's generation,
What about those who are still caged with the sorrows in this internet world,
By a simple word called 'blocked'.
When will they be liberal in their hearts?

Emotions through emoji's
Wishes through texts
Which once used to be by a sweet little call
Waiting for that day to come.

Early morning routines have now
Started by staring at the artificial light in this cell
That we hold all day long
And at night under our pillow.

Family hour has now become an individual relaxing time
Gossips and stories have reduced since we no longer have time.

Attached so much to this crazy world that we have surrounded within us
That we all have forgotten to live in this peaceful new world.

Rise and shine with your peace of mind
Discard the new trend are the complaints
We hear every now and then.

If only we look beyond
They are right
Because in the end
Its we who suffer and not them.

When we are gone
Only memories will be left
No cell phone, no internet to save us.
Only our loved ones crying for us.

Time spent with them would be a lot better than anything
Because happiness received,
Will be the most cherished one.


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