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Leave the sounds, let the lights speak!
Nov 19, 2017 | Lifestyle | Sakshi Pandit
Leave the sounds, let the lights speak!

Diwali is full of lights, happiness, joy and prosperity! While this is the festival where people work hard and wait till they have enough to make their family happy by buying gifts and waiting for their cheering faces. Well there are most who spend like crazy on things that burst and harm others, to each is its own, but why do we forget that the happiness received does create fear in the hearts of those who cannot even ask for help. All that money is just burnt that one has earned with hard work. And at the same time it does create a lot of problem to the earth itself. Yah, it’s not cool while some think and others even noticing do not raise a voice or teach.

Lets face the reality that today the situation is worst than the way it was. Our place where we live in requires peace and a better environment. Why do we become selfish on this festival that we only look for our happiness and forget about the sufferings? Let’s come together and stop because it’s too much. Ways can be chosen if only you as an individual chose to become and spread this festival and coming festivals with more joy and peace. Let the lights speak than the things that sound like bombs and creates fear in the rest of us. A future which includes listening and taking actions according to the situations is what a learned man can do rather than just burning the hard-earned and creating fear and hatred for the noise caused. Let’s make a difference, let’s be the change.


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