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Perfect, is not the new trend
Nov 08, 2017 | Lifestyle | Sakshi Pandit
Perfect, is not the new trend

Isn’t it funny that our whole life we either dream of becoming like someone and other times we forget our capabilities which can be more than our expectations? Why do we limit ourselves from being extra-ordinary or in simple words just being original? Perfect has now become old fashion and the key to your own success story is being you, being real and being the way you are. Modifying your lifestyle is great but imitating someone whom we admire entirely is only creating boundaries for your own abilities. Let’s break the wall of dust and dirt that are judgements created by others and start celebrating for who you are and remind ourselves that when we feel, eat, wear and think good your life becomes amazing and feels good.
Comments, overthinking, assumptions are just distractions to an extreme limit. Each individual on this planet earth is unique and special in their own little way. Embrace the beauty that you have and celebrate each day because that what counts in your life. Make your journey count and shine with that sparkle in you. You may have to lose who you were to find who you are! Don’t be a copy or an echo, be a voice! Come out of your comfort zone and check out every outfit of possibilities because that one can be the best one you will come across.


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