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Be Unique, Be You!!
Sep 24, 2017 | Women rights | Patricia Vaz
Be Unique, Be You!!

I can't understand why you want to be a copy of someone else. When you can be the original? Why do you make those mistakes when you’re aware of the consequences but instead make new mistakes, so that you be the first one to experience the punishment.
My point is be Unique, Be different, be someone who stands out of the crowd. Be that person who is eager to experience something new in life and is not ready to stick to the same old rules and regulations. Like for example; instead of having your enemies why don't you start making them your friends?
No doubt in this process, you will get criticism. But darling, little do you know that this criticism would force you more on a support to prove them wrong, to make your own identity. The society has an habit of finding faults whether you do good or bad to them , exclude them and experience your life in a different manner .they are jealous right now but later they would be the first ones to follow you.


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