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Self defence doctrine for women
Mar 18, 2017 | Lifestyle | Yash Thakur and Manvi Gupta
Self defence doctrine for women

From the last few years, there has been a disastrous and shocking rise in the crime rate of our country, and violence against women
constitutes 90% of the sum total of all the crimes. Women are forced to think twice before any movement they make because even a slightest misjudgment can cost them their lives and dignity, such is the current situation. They are brutally raped by our so-called “men” of the society and thrown away on the streets, which is highly devastating and unacceptable. While making her way through the crowd, she is fixedly gazed upon by men, which leaves her feeling uncomfortable and helpless and suddenly her “legs” become a source of distraction!
So, the question arises, Is this how women will have to survive till they die? Is there ever going to be a day in her daily routine where her clothes wouldn’t provoke people? Is it possible that she can protect herself from all these ill-eyed people without having a man by her side? The answer is YES! The least a woman can do is to learn ways in which she can be safe from all these malpractices. This is what the article is about, SELF DEFENSE DOCTRINE FOR WOMEN.

Self defense includes various techniques and moves through which one can protect oneself from any attacks whatsoever. Now, you might be wondering that in order to learn self defense, you will have to go to a class and learn all those “karate” moves. Well then, we have good news for you. It is not necessary to enroll yourself for a professional class and spend all your precious bucks that you’d rather spend on a good pair of shoes or a perfect dress!

Here are some tricks that can prove beneficial to you if you find yourself in a dark situation.

First of all, understanding the mental state of a woman in situations like these is very essential. For example, if a woman finds that she is being followed by a man, the first thought that enters her mind is to walk fast and distance herself from the man out of fear.
FEAR is the root cause of all the problems! Looking frightened is the last thing you want to do because that gives an added advantage to the criminal. You should pretend to act bold although it might be the most difficult activity for you.
Just take a deep breath and make use of your eyes by giving the “death-glare.”

Scan the guy from head to toe in a clockwise direction, giving him an aggressive stare to intimidate him. Instead of looking straight at him, giving him a side look would be preferable. This is because eyes never lie and by giving a straight look, you do not want the man to sense your fear by looking into your eyes. Giving a side profile look helps you mask your fear and you are able to maintain your gaze and courage.

The next step is to maintain your calm and tell the guy to back off by mere usage of hand gestures.
Using hand gestures is always better and safe than to indulge in a heated argument which might further provoke the criminal and things may go worse which we totally do not want!

When the guy is too stubborn to listen to you and starts crossing his limits by touching you inappropriately, there’s nothing left to do but attack and run!
The guy might be more muscular than you, which would make it difficult for you to have your way. But, don’t worry! You can always play smart by keeping in mind the 4 major weak points on his body- the eyes, the nose, the side ribs and of course, the most manly yet the weakest part, his genitals!
If he gropes you from the frontal side, use your fist and punch him as hard as possible in his nose or make use of your fingers and poke him hard in his eyes. This will give you the needed time to escape.

If your hands are tied, use your head to give him a head butt in the nose or thrust your knees into his genital area. Ouch!
This will surely weaken him.

If you are attacked from behind, then use your elbows to hurt his side ribs and then immediately turn around and kick him in his nuts!
Feels like a superwoman, right?

After weakening him, run as fast as you can to any crowded place full of people, making it difficult for him to find you again and also the presence of other people will forbid him to do anything wrong and you will remain safe.People generally consider the “act of running “as cowardly. But, it is always a smarter move to make because we are unaware of the capabilities of the harasser. The first rule of self defense itself states, “Don’t get into fights, evade it.”

These were some tips and tricks that will help you to prevent yourself from falling into a helpless situation!
So, girls! The next time you head out to any parties, be your own bodyguard and don’t be afraid of wearing your favorite dress.
Just concentrate on dancing your troubles away!


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