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Life of a girl
Aug 27, 2017 | Women rights | Mokshada Hakani
Life of a girl

Yeaayyy I am a girl. I love myself. I love make up, I love dressing up, I love my pretty dress, I love my nail paint, I love my hair, yes, I take time to get ready because I need to look pretty. Every parent should be happy if they are having a baby girl, every boyfriend should be proud of his girlfriend, every husband should be grateful to his wife, every brother should be thankful to his sister.
Life of a girl “ Baby girl takes birth, goes to school, gets younger, falling in love, having a boyfriend, if not boyfriend her parents finds a Mr. Perfect for her, she is 22-23, has to get married, becomes a wife and then a mother. So simple right ?Lol , no , it is not at all simple to be a girl, when she is a daughter her parents wants her to understand and compromise, brother expects her to help him in every situation, then his boyfriend expects her to unconditionally love him and support him, after that she is a wife, husbands want her to cook good and take care of house, then once she is a mother, she is supposed to take care of her children, can one man take all this responsibilities ? Can he take the labour pain ? Can he be a daughter, wife, mother ? Can he take the pain that a girl or woman takes when she is on her periods ? The answer is NO. In every phase of her life, she has to face ‘n’ number of problems, not all girls are strong and can fight back, many of them decide to quit and that’s very sad. “A girl is a wonderful blessing, A treasure from above, her laughter, her warmth and special charm, her thoughtfulness and love. A girl brings special joy, that comes to adulthood, she fills your heart with pride. With every year that passes, she’s more special than before. Through every stage, through every age, you love her even more.”
She is crazy, she loves her life, she wants to live, she wants to explore, she wants to travel, she wants to express, she wamts to be happy, she wants to feel special, she wants love and care that she deserves. Girls are special.


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