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Aug 27, 2017 | Women rights | Mokshada Hakani

Girls are not toys, don't play with them, respect them. Today every parent is afraid of sending her girl out. You never know wht goes wrong. Girls are not safe anywhere, if she is going to school or college, if she is doing a job, if she is going for a party, if she is going on a trip, wherever she goes, she is not safe. Doe's this mean that girls should stop coming out of there houses? No not at all, let them live there life, but teach those illiterate one's to be in there limits. Hundreds of girls are being raped, molested, bullied, black mailed, and what not. If a girl is staying with her parents and they are hitting her and not allowing her to live her life then she is not even safe at her home. If a girl is going for job and there, her boss or her colleagues are torturing her she is not even safe there. If a girl is going to school or college, someone is ragging her or she is been bullied then she is not even safe there, if a girl is going for a party and gets kidnapped, so ultimately going for a party is also not safe.
If she is having a boyfriend and he is forcing her for physical relation and black mail's her, she is not even safe with her boyfriend. So where is a girl safe? No where? She is safe after you people change your mentality. Let her live freely , please change your state of mind and start respecting her. Let girls feel safe, let them enjoy without any fear. Don't stop girls from wearing shorts, skirts, tank tops or strapless shifts, instead teach male faculty and students, to not over-sexual female body parts. I don't think my thighs, legs,shoulders,bra strap,or stomach should be distracting. Dress code only enforces the idea that girls should cover up because "boys will be boys". What a girl wears has nothing to do with her intelligence or self-respect, I refuse to obey rules that enforce rape culture and slut shaming


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