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Aug 27, 2017 | Women rights | Soumya Shukla

I know you were never nice to me, you behaved so as a rude and unforgiving brat with me always. You didn't miss a chance even to tear me apart and then laugh at me while having caramel popcorns in your hands as if i was somebody whom you could never like.
Sometimes i used to feel, what have I done and why you so ruthless with me, each and every day you used to throw challenges over me with an evil smile over your face which symbolises that you wanted me to fail miserably and curse you all the day so that you could again laugh over me. Years back i developed a thinking that you've developed comfort in my sorrows and to be very honest okay, i hated you to the utmost level.
Years and years passed and this love and hate relationship of ours went through.
Clapping for you by the way sometimes you've knocked me out and left me divested with BUT, thank you
Thanks life for being so unmindful to me every time, being so imperfect all the time so that I could actually figure out what perfection exactly is. Thanks for tearing me apart so that i could actually fix up myself on my own rather than relying on peoples to help me out.
Thanks for making an immature sweet and bubbly girl into a focussed and well mature adult.
Hereby, I want to say "hit me down to the ground I would keep getting up"
I feel so sorry for you honey, but you cannot break me now.


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