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Women & Sex: Unholy Alliance?
Aug 20, 2017 | Entertainment | Sumbal Khan
Women & Sex: Unholy Alliance?

A talk show of NDTV named “WE THE PEOPLE” hosted by Sarah Jacob had a discussion about movie “LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA” in relation with WOMEN SEXUALITY and the problems related to it with the star cast and producer of the movie and men’s right activist Barkha Trehan and Rahul Eeshwar.
So called “MODERN” India’s CENSOR BOARD banned a movie “LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA” which was accepted worldwide, stating that it is a “LADY ORIENTED” one. The movie is based on four ordinary women, inflicted by silly societal norms, have to steal, lie, cheat and hide in order to lead the lives that they rightfully deserve because it has always being a myth that Indian women must always stay in their “MARYADA”. Women who are not able to tell their husband if they are not sexually satisfied. Women who can’t tell their children that they want to get married again after husband’s death for their sexual needs. Women who can’t wear jeans. Women who can’t marry the boy she loves because he can’t afford a house for her. So can it be called that women sexuality and desires are still a taboo in India? NO. According to me more than taboo it’s fear of Indian male because if women will start talking about “sexual issues” the male dominance in the society will be affected.
We live in a country which is known for it’s rich culture. But why only women have to bear all the pressure of maintaining the “SANSKRITI”? Why only women have to think about “LOG KYA KAHENGE”?
The views of Men’s rights activists shows that there must be some “LAKSHMANREKHA” that must be followed so that there is no social collapse in the society and to them the movie promoted adultery and vulgarity.
According to the filmmakers there is nothing so scandalous about the lives of these women . In fact, the movie’s bravest act is simply opening the doors and showing us what goes on behind the closed doors . Behind the closed doors of a conservative Muslim girl’s room, where she dances to let out the rage; behind the closed doors of a couple’s bedroom, where the woman is just used as a sex toy for satisfying her husband’s ego; behind the closed doors of a girl’s beauty salon, where intimate advice is doled out as smoothly as the underarm hair is waxed off and behind the closed doors of an older woman’s bathroom where she runs a tap to muffle the moans of her desire.
But the sad part is even after the release of movie, betterment in the issue of women sexuality and desires is not possible. The reason behind this is, almost women suffering from these issues are even not allowed to go out alone, watching a “lady oriented” movie will be a mere task for her. Even if some of them manages watching it, they don’t have the guts to bring the change in their lives.


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