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Aug 20, 2017 | Relationship | Shivani

Relationships, commitments, are the responsibilities for each one to perform their role in the grounds of love, trust, loyalty, honesty, care, understanding…
But what each emotion abjures?
Freedom: - to speak, to express, to be you, to question, to answer, to love, to hate, to leave, to stay, each has to sway away & compromise, adjustments fills those hunch & sentiments.
Space, privacy, freedom-is must for every individual. Restrictions & obligations leads to 'emotional cheating'. Sometimes the fear of thinking #unacceptable# creates so many misunderstandings because one keeps it within oneself.
Thus each partner must provide that 'space' where communication is fearless, where one brings something on table is acceptable, where no judgements are passed, where no excuses required. Just peace of soul, fearless talks and pure participation is performed, where one will never ask for anything because one knows he can freely grab everything.
At least give me that space
where without hesitation
I can tell anything,
face to face!!!!
Where I am accepted
Change to phase…
I deserve that space; I need space during such phase.
In every relationship being it a relationship of children-parent; husband-wife any other one #space/privacy# is the right &never hesitate to demand that space;


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