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Who are women?
Aug 20, 2017 | Women rights | Shivani
Who are women?

The answer I need to know and of course the women out there.
For chivalry she is erudite (educated) but for some donnish (egghead) she is philistine (uncivilized)
Now which one is correct is actually the women out there too don't know.
The parochial (narrow minded) men predict their domestic engineers (housewives) as snug & a guilt to take out, but the ritzy one feels disparagement (undervalue) when society claps for his wife's achievements. It is a chaos to know what they want -guilt or a pride?
But it is still not the answer for them what they want, because they know that she is herself unaware of what she has to offer.
Awareness of what she is is must for every woman to live in this society. The answer lies between her own self of what is she.
She must always be greeted with delight and glory.
She is the only one to decide whether she want to be a pride for one or a guilt.
A woman is the ocean of love, beauty, peace, kind, humanity.
And for me;
"Women" is the creator of mankind.
Never let yourself down because your power proves to be triumph.
Always choose to be a pride because you worth it.
And if you yet haven't questioned yourself "who am I?" then ask yourselves now.
Because the women out there, her inner selves knows everything.


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