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The Bucket List
Aug 20, 2017 | Women rights | Sakshi Pandit
The Bucket List

Bring back the magic you once believed in using your own secret and powerful bucket list. Not everybody believes in having one, but the true reason behind it is that, it keeps you motivated to go an extra mile future than you ever imagined. How beautiful and strong you feel when there is a tick on the wishes you once wanted to experience. It doesn’t require a task to complete it because it is already ready within you, the little things which look bigger to accomplish but smaller to realize the truth that it can be, only if you take the efforts to do. How enchanting it is to challenge your agitation, stress, defeatism and explore instead the real, passionate, astounding YOU!
The secret behind it is, that no one knows it and you can keep adding and subtracting things. No one has the power to control it because it’s your wish list which is going to just wave the wand and spread out your happiness which you once had as a child. You just need to focus on your wishes. Wish yourself luck to step on a successful journey which begins now!


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