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Is it okay?
Aug 13, 2017 | Relationship | Umiya Shaikh
Is it okay?

Is it okay to love again?Is it okay to fall in love again?

Is it okay to be someone’s special again?

Is it okay to love again with your broken heart again?

Is it okay to give your heart one more chance again?

Is it okay to be happy again?

It is okay to trust again?


But it takes someone’s special to love a person who’s broken,it takes someone with patience and gentle spirit.Someone who realises that broken people may appear sharp and hostile,but are in fact and fragile and need to be treated with care.But most of all,it takes someone who’s brave to love a person who’s broken.

Someone who’s ready to accept you with all your flaws.There will be times when they will try to hold you but you will be too afraid to let them close.Someone who’s not going to judge you by your past.

People are afraid to love again because they feel people around them will judge.You can fall in love with anyone, anytime at any place.

There’s no specific time to fall in love with someone! You can fall in love again.You just have to trust yourself.

You deserve happiness.

You deserve love.❤️


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