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Aug 13, 2017 | Relationship | Patricia Vaz

I can't understand why are you trying to gain attention from those people who are not even interested in knowing How You Are? I mean do you get any satisfaction in hurting yourself again and again? Don't you too deserve happiness?
Instead, be with those people who would be there for you in any situation "Be Where You Belong ! " where you are loved , your taken care of , you are understood and the most important where you have to not fake you can be Yourself . Where you can be crazy without any second thoughts because You are born that way.
Forget , those people who do not know your worth and that you too deserve happiness and not only suffering and stress. Forget them my love! Even you need to laugh and not only cry.
Be where you belong and create your own kind of memories with your loved ones . Show them that they too matter to you and that you respect their thoughts and decisions .They deserves your time . Show them that their company also matters , not only in time of pain but also in time of enjoyment.
Then only those people who once ignored you would realize that they lost a Diamond (permanent happiness) while searching for stones (temporary happiness).


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