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Girls, lets live!
Jul 25, 2017 | Women rights | Sakshi Pandit
Girls, lets live!

Life has become so hectic! Why does this happen with me only? Why can’t I be beautiful? Let’s overcome all these doubts and questions because these are the mistakes which we all are repeating without realizing it. Well it’s us who have created the force to keep us unhappy or unsatisfied.

Instead let us start embracing our own beauty, dressing up for ourselves rather than overthinking what the world will think, let’s start smiling and being confident. The best makeup a girl can wear is a SMILE! As time passes we forget to live that each moment instead we start living for others.

We start thinking and doing it for them and then when finally they are done with us,they will never come back or be the same. Why be hurt and cry for them who do not value you or your existence. It’s not easy we all know but it’ll be worth trying to start living on your own.
Let’s be strong enough to do it not to prove or show others but to be remembered. And do not let anyone insult you for who you are or for what you will become in the future because they do not have the rights to disguise you since its only you who knows what you have gone through.

So from now, let’s wake up with a smile and shine bright and make each moment count, because this is our life that counts.


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