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Should a housewife be paid or not?
Mar 17, 2017 | Lifestyle | Aniket choudhary
Should a housewife be paid or not?

This is one of the most important question but not asked by any one till now. A women who wakes up at the earliest in the house and works for everyone from the youngest to the oldest member of her family. A women who takes care of all the things of kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garden, pets and all the things. Shouldn't they get paid? She prepares food, from breakfast to lunch to dinner. She is the one who worship her house as a temple. Even after all these we can see in our society, house or in surrounding they are now respected for what they do, what they deserve nor they get paid. Maintaining the entire family, taking care of the whole house, building a strong foundation and relationship is like running a company as a manager. Long restless hours of taking care of others even she is disrespected somewhere often. If she gets paid she can use that money for her own self.she can also use that money for the sake of her family and the betterment of the family. From ancient time wines are exploited by men ruling society due to the all Orthodox rules. Now it is the time to have some new ideas to change the status and empower the women in the society.

If a boy gets the pocket money for the sake of his own self, a senior citizen gets the pension than a housewife should also be paid.


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