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Hair Care
Jul 16, 2017 | Fashion | Shruchi Toshniwal
Hair Care

MAKING EACH DAY A GOOD HAIR DAY IN SUCH A METROPOLITICAN CITY IS EVERY GIRL’SDREAM. Giving time to your hair when even finding time for oneself in such a hectic day is next to finding an extra hour in 24 hrs. of a day. Even I struggled for days to make it a good hair day.And then a question popped up! Are you taking proper care of your hair? I tried finding answer to my question. If you are also in love with your hair and wish them to be thick, healthy and long. Here are few interesting and important tips for your hair to grow strong and healthy.


We make sure to follow all tips before and after hair wash and miss the main ingredient of our strong hair i.e. HOW-TO-WASH. We always prefer clothes that suit our body type, in a similar way we need to find shampoo and conditioner that suits our hair type.Basically, there are two types of conditioner available: a)Hair conditioner:which basically is used on the tips of hair and nourishes hair. b) Scalp conditioner: which can be used for the scalp as well and even nourishes hair and scalp. One should always know to use the correct type of conditioner in a correct way. Never forget to deep condition your hair once in a month!!


After knowing how to wash, we should even focus on when to wash. Basically, what a girl does is she washes her hair before all the important days and events only. Many people have a myth that washing your hair more than once a week make them brittle. But the reality always differs from myths!!! Hair should be washed at least twice in a week and sometimes more than twice depending on your hair type, the more oily the hair the more you need to wash. But still a count should be maintained because washing your hair more than needed make them weak. Washing your hair is important but excessive washing is not done.


Girls always cry of falling hair.But do they really knowwhat make them fall??Hair fall usually occur in volume after hair wash.Just washing your hair doesn’t make it healthy, you need to dry them in a proper way. Rubbing your hair too much when they are wet creates friction which result in breakage. Avoid using hair dryer. Let them dry naturally. If one plans to use dryer, opt forcold air mode rather than hot air mode as hot air mode makes them dry and they lose their moisture. Use cotton towel for hair to cause less friction at the roots thus avoiding them to break early. Tying your hair up after wash increases the chance of breaking them.

Give them their right time and they will stay for lifetime!!


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