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You Don't Need to Hate Something to Love Something Else
Jul 09, 2017 | Relationship | Vanshika Gupta
You Don't Need to Hate Something to Love Something Else

Here it goes! Something that I want to share with you all! Something that I can't stop thinking about! Why we all think it's important to hate something to love another? I mean you don't need to hate Shahrukh if you love Salman! Being in India everyone wants India to win! But I don't understand why you need to hate Pakistan for that? This life is beautiful and a very precious gift! Why waste it on hating something? Wherever I go I see people fighting over something or other? I have seen so many fights over Sachin is better than Dhoni! I am just trying to prove a point that love is incredible and it doesn't create any hate!

If you hate someone or something because you love something else then it's a big lie! The point all of need to understand is there is something called point of view! And we ain't that dumb to fight with someone over there point of view? Or are we? The thing is people keep hating things or other people without any reason? Do you seriously think hating someone will bother them for a second also? No it won't! But it will affect you and your personality for sure! And I am not pointing anyone in this but pointing the thought process of all of us!

We need to think what's important for us? For example loving Ranveer is a great thing! He's great actor and doing really well! But hating Ranbir for that is quite unfair! Isn't it? We need to think what's more important for us loving Ranveer or hating Ranbir? And I have given the examples of all the famous personalities but that doesn't means it ends there! It's in between us! I mean most of us probably hate a person around us because of some illogical reason! I am not saying you can't hate anyone but at least find some better and logical reason to them! At least it would be a justice to them also! Because when you hate some that person doesn't give a shit frankly but it's you who suffers! And I didn't meant to offend anybody it's just a point of view and really sorry if i offended you or something!!


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