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Jun 18, 2017 | Lifestyle | YASH THAKUR (FIGHTCOACH)

Today in this article ,I would be emphasizing the benefits of combat training and systems, which would emphasize the importance in the lives of all women on a daily basis.

There are many misconceptions on martial arts that it just includes the fight stuff, beating a person “black and blue” etc. But the world of martial arts is much more bigger than your own perceptions .Well as an enthusiast, I’ll be expressing the real life which I live in.

MARTIAL ARTS as the meaning says ,is not just fighting .”It involves a huge number of codified system and traditions of combat practices which ,involves spiritual practices also”.

You know why is it helpful for all the ladies as first and most important it helps to maintain the fitness in girls who are obsessed in keeping fit .I’ll be giving you some inputs on different branches of my life . For Example

KICKBOXING: The following art helps in strengthening the arms , legs and almost the whole body. Second , it makes the hands and legs flexible and very tough .It boost the strength of arms and legs.

JUDO and WRESTLING {THE ART OF GRAPPLING }: The following arts of combat helps in maintaining the explosiveness in whole body . JUDO in its part helps in grappling in a very smooth manner its techniques involve very fluid type of movements whereas WRESTLING involves grappling with pure , brute strength in its practice. MY judo coach is a woman named “Sensei Darshana” YES !! and believe me this 5.2 feet 45 kg woman in front of me has thrown a 70 KG pervert as he was messing with a girl..heroic stuff isn’t it ?

KRAV MAGA: It is an Israeli technique of close quarter combat which was taught to defense personnel. But now it is been taught to civilian in many countries .personally, I think its one of the best art for ladies as it involves the philosophy of guerrilla tactics of inflicting maximum damage with minimum force .It involves training in most realistic conditions and dealing threats tactically.

Some people also have a nonsense myth that women tend to behave manly on practicing martial arts. Well, that’s utter nonsense in my words .I know a lot of women who wear singlets and crop-tops and they trash the hell out of such idiots and they look very beautiful.
So people might have a different perceptions and paradoxes on the reality of martial arts ,but you will experience the reality when you do it yourself .

So with this ,I would like to urge all women come!!! And experience ,my passion,my life and see the beauty of it.


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