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Never Give Up
Jun 18, 2017 | Lifestyle | Vanshika Gupta
Never Give Up

Mumbai- it's just not a city, it's a lifestyle. This city have everything! People come here with lots of dreams in there eyes! This city teaches you to survive! Ridhima was an another girl who entered here with lots of dreams and blessings of her mother! She has her own ways and principles of living life! She never knew this city will teach her the most important lessons of life! Tolerating every criticism she refused to gave up. She knew the fact there's no one to take stand for her! Interviews to interviews. Having "Vada Pav" as a meal she survived! The girl who use to respect others more than herself learned to gave importance to herself. Her self esteem was challenged each and every day! People asked for compromises, money, and many more things! But her values were much more then that! She tried everything that was possible! And it is rightly said that success is on the next when you think of giving up! Riddhima thought of going back but then she wasn't a coward to gave up so easily! And eventually she discovered she's was amazing with words! She told her story having some tears in her eyes to the media! After getting the best novelist award of the year!


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