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Stress Management
Mar 17, 2017 | Poem | Manvi gupta
Stress Management

When we talk about lifestyle, there is a bounty of things that crosses our minds. With two words “life” and “style” combined, lifestyle means the ways in which you can live your life in style.
Lifestyle helps in shaping our personality so it is absolutely essential to keep it as healthy as possible. Whether it be through good education, good jobs or good relationships. However, we remain so busy in our lives due to the work load over our heads that it starts degrading the quality of our life by demolishing our mental as well as our physical well being in the form of “STRESS”.
Stress is something that everyone faces nowadays despite of the age group we belong to. Stress of getting good grades, stress of completing our work on time, stress of having a good social life and the list goes on. This not only reduces our efficiency but also starts influencing our lifestyle as a whole! Chronic stress increases the stress hormone, cortisol, and affects many brain functions, putting you at a risk for many mood disorders and other mental issues.
This is what you definitely don’t want in your life!
So, here are some ways in which you can prevent yourself from getting too stressed out.

Thinking is our brain’s way of telling us that we exist but once we add “over” to it, it starts doing just the opposite! When we over think, we start making simpler things more complicated, our judgement gets cloudy and our stress gets elevated. Instead of looking at the positive side, we start stressing over the negative aspect of everything and it doesn’t help us in any manner whatsoever.
The one thing that everyone should know is that we can’t control everything. There are some things that we should leave to the fate as it is and face it spontaneously by our capabilities. Overthinking ruins situations and prevents us from doing activities that we were otherwise absolutely capable of doing. Instead of thinking of what can go wrong, think of what can go right.
The fear that grounds’ overthinking is the feeling that maybe we’re not good enough or hardworking enough. Just perform your best and see things work out efficiently. Not everything has to be perfect. It is the progress that matters!

Who doesn’t love sleep? Sleep is like being dead but without the commitment. A proper sleep plays a very important role to prevent stress. It allows our brain to recharge and our bodies to rest. Adults who sleep fewer than 8 hours a night are more likely to report symptoms of stress. Lack of sleep results in the person feeling tired which in turn makes us incapable of completing our tasks. This then causes stress and tension. The next time you want to have a productive day, make sure you switch off your cell phones at night and sleep tight!

During stress, we often turn to “comfort” foods like pizza, macaroni and cheese and ice creams. Ironically, instead of relieving us of stress, these high fat foods will make us all the more unable to deal with stress. The best solution is eating carbohydrate-rich foods like sweet potatoes or brown rice. Include fruits and vegetables to your diet in addition, to boost your immunity which is generally weakened by chronic stress. Avoid high fat foods, caffeine and sugar.

Good things come to those who sweat. Yes! That’s correct. Exercising regularly helps us stay active throughout the day. From aerobics to yoga, any form of exercise pumps up our endorphins (the happy hormones) and improves our mood leading to reduced stress. Besides, it helps us stay fit, increases our metabolism and improves our mental health.
So, take your running shoes off that rack and go run for your life!

Distract yourself into happiness by doing activities that you like, particularly your hobbies. Indulging yourself into activities like dancing, singing, knitting, playing an instrument, drawing, painting, etc. can take your mind off your work for a while which will give you a much needed break to start afresh and new, without any stress or pressure over your head.

Absolutely anyone can be targeted by stress, but it depends on how we deal with it without making it a problem for our health.

Don’t let yourself be a slave to stress and LIVE LIFE KING SIZE!


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