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Death is more valuable then life
Jun 11, 2017 | Women rights | Vanshika Gupta
Death is more valuable then life

'Why are you going out when you know the situation ' her mom asked . It wasn't my fault - her heart screamed! But all she could manage to say was , I will be back soon! Her legs pulsate while going out. But she knew that this is the time to prove that she wasn't wrong! While filing a F.i.r that inspector looked at her in a way that she was the culprit. Many questions were asked! What time it was? What were you doing there? What were you wearing? Who was with you? Except who was that person? But she didn't gave up! Newspapers were filled with the news! She was just another victim or one can say just another way to make money for them! And yeah now her family knew that she is fighting against her culprits! Everyone was trying to seek there benefit from her so called 'story'. But only her wet pillows knew the real story. In each crime culprit is questioned! But maintaining the double standards of our society that still doesn't fails to question the victim when it comes to rape! She wasn't raped once but several times. Once by that culprit then by the every person who believed that it was her fault because she was partying wearing a short dress! It started when a happy go girl was raped till the point she killed herself because she couldn't manage to answer that why she was partying till late or why she was wearing a short dress! Her culprits were punished after her death. 'Death is more valuable then life' I guess!


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