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Mumbai - The City of Glist and Glamour
May 22, 2017 | Lifestyle | Prerana Jakate
Mumbai - The City of Glist and Glamour

We must have heard this tagline every time we think of this beautiful city ...a place where every work is done at the tick of a clock ... Where people don't have time for gossips but still don't complaint about their wrecked lives ... Where running after the trains is a talent they have instilled within themselves since birth ... Where people feel awkward dining at five star hotels but rather prefer Street food ... The marine drives during the monsoon season is in big vogue ... Sitting along the chowpatty makes our day relieved from the everyday stress ...like it's our stress buster ... Where train fights are our tradition .... Where shopping is preferred not at Growels or Inorbit but at linking road and Churchgate .... Where the true spirit of Mumbaikars can be seen during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival ... The enthusiasm is not just confined to Ganesh Chaturthi festival ...be it any festival , the entire city is lit with vibrant lightnings and there is different atmosphere all round .... It's a city that never sleeps ... Though the entire year people will be fighting over religious disputes but anything bombastic happening in the city ,they ll always be together ..that's the true spirit of Mumbaikar ... No one can ever beat a Mumbaikar by the way he bargains .. Their bargaining skills are beyond exception.. It’s even evolved its own language, Bambaiyya Hindi, which is a mix of…everything...The heart of the city contains some of the grandest colonial-era architecture on the planet but explore a little more and you’ll uncover unique bazaars, hidden temples, hipster enclaves and India’s premier restaurants and nightlife.How well it is said
"The city of glamour and fashion , The city of love and attraction,
The city has got its own style ,
And it changes from mile to mile,
The city dreams to be like Shanghai,
It is very popularly known as,


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