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The Season of Laughter
May 22, 2017 | Lifestyle | Prerana Jakate
The Season of Laughter

The season of laughter, chit chat, clatter has arrived. Dint you recognize that it is the same season wherein the anxiety if finishing the last paper is high!! We feel like a caged bird after getting freedom HAPPY!!! For we now know that this is the moment we will fly high like a firefly. Our life would take the top gear. Yes!! It is the summer vacation. One of the most waited moments of the calendar. Where everybody anticipates the petrichor of freedom? The scorching sun is brightly shining above, but we cannot resist playing the gully cricket. Let the sweat topple down from the brow, but the mere excitement of summer vacation holds everyone from going back into our cages.

Summer vacations are meant for this when the pados wali aunty has to repair her glass panes. As if during the vacation the glass pane writes a death note. Where every game ends with a trip to the golawala? “Uncle ek kala khatta dena”, “uncle ek rose Wala chamach gola”. Their smiles would now turn into the vibrant colours of rainbow. One can never forget the essence of childhood days during the summers when we travelled to our “ Mamache gaon” . Far between those lushly trees, we enjoyed staying there and getting pampered by our extended family. To all the toys we flaunted. Be it snakes and ladder, ludo or carom.

Where we cooked our dreams while playing kitchen set? Where our pockets were filled, no no no not with money but with chocolate wrappers? Where removing the ball from the gutter was a difficult affair. Where we jumped into the pool and splashed our excitement. And one could never forget what summers meant until IPL matches began. They were an all time favourite. Those were the days when getting high meant on a swing. When the only thing that was hurt was skinned knees and bruised arms? The only thing that could be broken was toys and when goodbyes only meant until Tomorrow. From fairytales to gliding down the slide, all the memories of summer vacation glittered. One could never forget the mandatory fights during cricket. “Arey yaar tu bhul gaya, pehla ball trial hota h” “Ayee mera bat toh meri pehli batting hogi”. We still laugh at these strange rules which never mattered but back then our innocence strikes harder.
“Thodi naadani,thodi shaitani,
Thodi manmaani,thodi khicha tani,
Thoda zor,thoda shor,
Thoda rang, thodi umang,
Jab bacche the, those kacche the,
Thode kacche the par acche the
Chal diye bhul ke saare rules
Life is still Beautiful !!!

So bring out the child in you and dance through the music. Seasons come and seasons go, so just bury your regrets in the snow and watch them melt away when the songbirds sing!!! Happy summers!!!


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