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Forever is not a lie
May 14, 2017 | Relationship | Umiya Shaikh
Forever is not a lie

I believe forever is not a lie.

People often say i will stay forever,I will love you forever,you’ll be my friend forever.But that is the beautiful feeling to believe in which everyone says.

I believe people should just live in the moment instead of thinking about forever. You never know what will happen tomorrow. So just live in the moment,make the moment beautiful.

And if it’s not working,don’t force it.

Let it go.

Let it go all those things which is making you upset. Forever is not a lie.

Let it go all those people from your life who doesn’t appreciate your existence.

Let people go if they want to,don’t force them.See what stays!

A few things dont last forever.Not your love,not your friendship.

What remain is you! But what also remains is people who really do care for you, people who love you. Just because few people gave you the reason to not trust, you won’t stop trusting people. You be brave and trust them even more. Due to the flaws and faults of one person , you won’t cease trusting the precious ones. Remember if no one is around you are with yourself. Remember there are many people who love you, your friends your family. Trust me they love you and will be there for you all the time. You are loved, you are cared, you are beautiful.

So make yourself beautiful.

Give them the reason to make you feel special to make you feel loved by trusting them. Be strong and beautiful. Because you are!


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