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Speak Up Against Marital Rape
May 14, 2017 | Women rights | Umiya Shaikh
Speak Up Against Marital Rape

There’s something i would like to share today, the reason behind why I posted something about ‘ Marital rape’ some days back. I hope this will bring some change in our society and in people’s way of judging. So some months back while I was roaming on the streets of Malad (Mumbai), I came across a lady who was sobbing in tears and was completely shattered within herself and to be honest I don’t even know her name but after meeting her that day, my perspective towards so many things in life has changed. Looking at her i couldn’t stop myself but ask her if I could be of some help but she denied to say something and continued crying. After some of my efforts towards knowing the reason of her tears she asked me my name and tried to open up herself, it seemed to me as if she did not want me to help her but she was willing to speak up to someone and remove all the pain from her heart. Trust me, It was something I would have never imagined in my life.

She started with telling me about her family and simply asked me one thing,” Do you know how much pain it is to go through Rape? ” I was shocked when I heard this and I just stared at her while replying with a “No”. This lady…then tells me that she goes through this pain every day. And it was no other but her husband who forced her every day and she had no option of going back home or telling anybody about it. The only thing that still hurts me is that I couldn’t help her but by writing this I’m trying to raise a little awareness about how the so called”society” is. Marital rape needs to be stopped and women should know about their rights.

Not all marriages are “Safe Marriages” some are horrifying nightmares as well. Marriage here is all about dismay & haunting realities that damages an individual from within. Many people have a valid reason regarding the goody-goody elements of marriage but some marriages are just Scandals in Disguise. Rape itself is a disturbing word to listen. Imagine people going through the trauma every single day without having the right to raise their voice. And Why? Just because the Rapist is your Saat Phera Guy, you’re supposed to be Soul mate, Your HUSBAND? Remember that you are a Human and you deserve to say “No” you have a right to say “No”. Say “No” when you wish to, just because he is your So called Husband.. Why don’t you say “No”. “NO” is a dish which is made of courage and bravery, when you serve a “No” in return you get is your dignity, yourself respect. Fight for your “No” sooner or later you’ll believe in your No.

Self respect by definition is a confidence and pride in knowing that your behavior is both honorable and dignified. When you harass or vilify someone, you not only disrespect them, but yourself also.
Street harassment, sexual violence, sexual harassment, gender-based violence and racism, or marital rape are all acts committed by a person who in fact has no self respect.

Respect yourself by respecting others.


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