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May 07, 2017 | Women rights | Gargi Bhave

Hide that you are a girl society said, Hide your period stains society said when I became a lady. Hide your bra strap society said when I became a teenager. Hide that you are raped society said when I was raped. Hide that you are not virgin said society when I was going to get married. So what if I got a vagina and not a penis society forget that a boy is given birth through that vagina? So what if I have period stain on my pant they are the symbol that my body is changing into a feminine version. So what that my bra strap is showing why should I hide it you never said a boy to hide his inner clothes. Its fashion when a guy’s inner clothes show but a problem when same happens with a girl. Why should I hide that I was raped it was not my mistake. It was the mistake of the guys who did it, who was so weak that he couldn't hide his feelings. Hide that you are not a virgin. Why should I hide if it was my decision my opinion. Why should I save it for a guy who himself is not a virgin.
I never understand why every time "SHE" should hide things. Why is SHE who is judged every time? Being a girl is not a problem until and unless you make it one for her. Her existence in this world is very important and magical. Don't hide her show her because she is beautiful. Each and every aspect of her life is an interesting and a challenging path so rather than hiding it or running away, get along and experience a great adventure.


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