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5 ways to use your winter clothes for summer
Mar 17, 2017 | Fashion | Shaziya Memon
5 ways to use your winter clothes for summer

Now that we are switching our hot chocolates with Ice-tea, we have started to realise that winter is gone already! It’s time to bid farewell to the fall season along with those knits and furs and welcome bright summer with sunnies!

Our wardrobe is still filled with winter essentials, which are so warm and comfy that we don’t feel like putting them away. So here are some elements from your winter closet that can still fit in for summer.

Scarves are an ‘all season’ thing. Rather muffling it up on a knit dress, just wear it loosely on a spaghetti top as an accessory.

Boot cut Denim:
Flared jeans which kept our legs warm the whole of winter, are still officially hot and comfy. Pair them with colourful tops and arrive in style this summer.

Ankle length boots or gladiators were our saviour for fall; they can still help us make a statement look this summer.

Leather minis:
Leather shorts or miniskirts which you wore with your tights can still be a stylish piece for summer. Just ditch those tights and you are good to go! Take cues.

Winter colour palette:
No matter how much of a beach and sunscreen person you are, you can’t deny how beautiful fall colours with rust and burnt orange in them are. You still have ways to incorporate those shades in your summer outfits


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