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It’s All About YOU!
Mar 20, 2017 | Relationship | Aishwarya Srinivasan
It’s All About YOU!

Why is it always so hard to get over someone after we breakup? Have you ever thought that someone has rightly said that once we start loving someone, we “fall” in love? When we fall, we really don’t have to take much effort, it happens by itself. In the same way when we “fall” for someone everything seems perfect in the beginning since we really don’t have to do much. First we get attracted to them physically and then by their personality. The way they speak, etc. Later on, we find out their likes and dislikes, How compatible we are and try to accept them even with all of their flaws. After a point it’s all about how much can we tolerate them from the scale of 1-10. The reason for most of the breakups in today’s time is because one person is growing out of the relationship and the other one is just head over heels.

When we ask someone how much time will it take to get over that person? People always answer us saying that it’ll take some time but has someone ever told us the accurate number of days for it? When we fall sick of some disease or have any physical pain, the doctor gives us medicines and tells us that we will be fine in a week or month’s time. But when it comes to problems related to our heartbreak, it cannot be measured in time days. It varies from person to person. Someone might take 6 months or someone might take 6 days. After a breakup many people find it difficult to concentrate on anything the reason to that is because in the process of loving someone else, we lose ourselves. Our world suddenly revolves around them and when they leave everything feels empty. We don’t pay that much attention to our friends when we were with them and now that that they’re gone; our friends don’t have time for us as well because somewhere between all that chaoses we lose touch with them.

But honestly, this is not how we should be functioning during a relationship. The three most important things for a healthy relationship is communication, Understanding and most importantly SPACE. We cannot keep meeting them or keep talking to them 24/7, that’s how breakups start in the first place. We are so bored of spending time with same person everyday and not meeting any new faces that it forces us to breakup with that person. Never cut off your friends when in a relationship, cause they were there or you much before your partner came into your life and probably will still be there for you when your partner leaves. So the best thing to do is have your own space, spend some time alone with yourself, read a book, watch your favourite movie or have a sleepover with your best friend or go shopping and the best part is you can do all of this post breakup as well to distract yourself. Detox your life by removing all those negative people who try to put you down, try to change your lifestyle or don’t believe in your dreams because at the end it’s your life and it’s YOU who has to make yourself Happy!


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