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Pandora's box,
Mar 20, 2017 | Poem | Mansi Bairi
Pandora's box,

The memories are buried deep , deep inside the Pandora's box,
For when it'll open , it'll create a chaos.

The person who showed you heaven once can also get you stuck in hell one day,
The person who loved you so much once can also snatch the ability to love again one day,

Its Pandora's box they say,
What they didn't say was,
That it'll open every once a while ,
Leaving you longing for more and beguiled

There will come a day, my friend,
When these feelings will retreat
And not for a moment your brain will let your heart think that you deserved that ill treat.

There will no longer be any suffering the moment you get your brain trained,
You'll shut the Pandora's box by yourself and keep it restrained.


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