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Dangal - Reflection of an Iron Woman
Mar 17, 2017 | Entertainment | Karan jay singh
Dangal - Reflection of an Iron Woman

Reflecting the crucial segment of our esteemed society i.e. Women Empowerment and Feminism, Dangal traces the personal and professional life of Geeta Kumari Phogat, an iron woman who raised our Indian tri-colored flag high in the sky. In this movie, the relationship between father and her daughters are exquisitely portrayed which comprises of jubilance, sorrows and the struggles where a father sacrifices everything to hail his daughters as a world class wrestlers.
The calendar of 2016 hasn’t been a great year for Bollywood at the box office until Dangal flourished over masses aftermath its release on screens. It highly influenced the audiences with its inspirational journey and proved to be Christmas miracle at the end of calendar year. The ratings of this movie went skyrocketing, comparing with other releases of year 2016. Also this movie was highly appreciated by critics indeed through their preferable ratings.
The lead cast and crew worked tirelessly with their constant efforts to make this movie a national phenomenon over screens. As usual Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan has shown his dedicational approach over his character as Mahavir Singh Phogat. From fat to fit, he stunned everyone with the massive transformation in physique for this movie within five months went viral over social platforms of media.  Also, the female characters who were supposed to play their role as wrestlers in movie initially exposed to certain injuries which made it difficult for them to cope up with their wrestling character. In spite of roadblocks, they played their role flawlessly on screens.
In terms of cinematography, this movie gave the audiences the realistic feeling of wrestling. The dialogues were inspirational and motivational, found in pure Haryana accent which made the movie fun to watch. Scripts were based on a true story which gave the audiences the taste of reality. The storyline had an emotional approach which left the fans tearful while watching the movie.
This movie impacted our Indian society in numerous ways. It broke the stereotype that females cannot excel in sports segment as compared to males and appeals the Indian sports association to enhance opportunities to aspiring sporty youngsters and broaden their horizons. Dangal is much watch movie as it is entertaining, enlightening and the one can be watched and enjoyed by family.
Abh Dangal Hoga!


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